Needlecraft Showcase Memberships are much more than just a link.
Businesses that already have a web site can become a member of the Needlecraft Showcase.

We have only two requirements.

First, you must fit into the Needlecraft Showcase philosophy:

We recognize that the independent retailer is of ultimate importance to the needlecraft industry as a whole. The Needlecraft Showcase was conceived to keep the needle artist informed of the wide range of designs and products available to them through their favorite retailer. Therefore, the designers and manufacturers seen on The Needlecraft Showcase can showcase many great products that can be purchased through retailers in the Shopping Mall. We realize that many manufacturers and designers now sell direct from their web sites but manufacturers and designers may not use areas of the needlecraft showcase such as the newsletter and what's new area to promote direct selling to the consumer but may promote new products and designs there.

Manufacturers and designers who sell direct from the web and are not retail stores or mail order companies whose own products are a major part of their line may not be a member.

Second, please put a link back to the Needlecraft Showcase on your site using image below. This is to help all of the traffic that comes in stay in the showcase. This helps everybody.
Needlecraft Showcase

What are the advantages of a membership into Needlecraft Showcase?
  1. High Traffic! Needlecraft Showcase is visited by over 30,000 people per month therefore increasing the traffic to your site from your link in the showcase.
  2. If you have a retail shop, you get access to our "Sales referral" email program. This is an area where manufacturers and designers refer sales to our member shops. As a member shop you can access and answer these sales leads by email.
  3. You can also get Banner Ads on the Needlecraft Showcase for discounted rates - another great way to build traffic to your site. Our banners average over 3000 views monthly for only $25.00 for members.
  4. You have access to the private member posting area to talk to other shops, designers, and manufacturers.
  5. You can advertise on our what's new page weekly.
  6. You can advertise events in your store on our events page.
  7. You get free advertising in our newsletter which goes to over 15000 needlecraft enthusiasts each month.
  8. Promote your newest products in our product gallery.

      The cost for membership is $150.00 per year. 
      Or you can host your site on our servers and get the membership for FREE. Just ask us about details.

You can call 1-803-996-0578 with MC/VISA/Discover/AMEX to join.

Questions can be emailed to

What your membership link might look like.

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