What you see above is a functioning Banner Ad. This could be a banner ad for your business.

How do Banner Ads work ?
Banner Ads are composed of several different companies advertisements that rotate on every page of the Needlecraft Showcase. If a consumer clicks on your banner ad, it takes them directly to your web site. It's easy to see how a banner ad is a quick way of creating more traffic for your web site.

How do you know how many times they are seen and clicked ?
Our banner software program keeps track of every banner's display and every time a banner is clicked. When you purchase a banner ad from Needlecraft Showcase, you will be given a www address and user name password combination so that you can easily check up-to-the-minute statistics on your banner ad. You will know exactly how many times it was seen and how many times it was clicked.

What is the average amount of times that the banner ads are seen and clicked a week and what do they cost?
Banner ads at Needlecraft Showcase for our needlecraft company members are only $25.00 per month ( $75.00 per month for non members) and have been delivering over 3 to 4 thousand ad impressions per month. A news article from ZD-net states that the average banner ad costs $35.13 per 1000 impressions. That is over 5 times the cost of a Needlecraft Showcase banner ad! According to the national average, a Needlecraft Showcase banner ad has a value of over $140.00 but you pay only $25.00 per month. We limit the number of banner ads to keep the impression level above 2000 per month. Increased traffic puts us at twice that, so ad slots are available but limited.

You can design your banner or we will do it for a design fee of $25.00 for non-animated and $75.00 for animated. Banners can be up to 450 pixels wide by 70 pixels high and a jpg or gif file under 10k in size. Contact us today at 803-996-0578 or webmaster@pegweb.com for your banner ad slot. There are some content restrictions so check with us before you design. The number of clicks varies according to what you advertise. Click through rates vary but run as high as 25%. Most ads have a rate of around 6%.

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