in Cross Stitch Books and Leaflets

#413 American Indians Collection 1- Three designs, Retail $6.00

#153 - VISIONS OF EARTH AND SKY - A collection of eleven nature designs, including Saw Whet Owl (57x93), Islands (55x92), Sunrise Heron (96x95), Racoons (83x40), California Quail (67x69), Fern Silhouette (69x87), Weeping Cherry Tree (77x85), Great Blue Heron (123x100), Rock Climbing (112x80), Sunset Thistle (85x94), Scolding Stellar's Jay (63x97). $5.00

#161 - IMAGES OF SUN & MOON - A variety of nature scenes, most with a southwestern theme. Designs include Homeward Bound (82x132), A New Day (152x82), Free Spirits (118x198), Wolves' Serenade (89x68), Pelican's Perch (88x77), Morning's Reflections (111x88), Smooth Sailing (89x110) andNight Flight (90x75). $5.00

#166 - SPIRIT OF THE SOUTHWEST - An inspirational collection of southwestern designs. Book includes Earthen Images (113x114), Kachina Doll (136x74), Days Gone By (83x148), Desert Sundown (83x148), Treasures (120x99), Blanket Pattern #1 ( {1 repeat} 90x150), Blanket Pattern #2 ({1 repeat} 90x150), and Project Instructions. $5.00

#179 - SPIRIT OF THE INDIANS - A collection of five southwestern designs dedicated to the culture of Native Americans. Designs include End of the Trail (107x106), Seeking The Spirit (152x97), Spirit Horse (90x104), Medicine Wheet (also available in kit form) - (139x109), Chief Seattle's Testimony (192x113) $6.00

#192 - BORDERING ON THE RESERVATION - Five southwestern designs perfect for borders or to be stitched alone and framed. Designs include Tee Pees (30x131), Snake Guards (26x130), Chilkat Bears (130x32), Drum Beats (30x134), Arrowheads (24x141), Tomahawks (30x154), Moccasins (31x97), Painted Buffalo Skulls (108x108). $5.50

#194 - WILD, WESTERN & WEARABLE - This book is a delightful assortment of western designs for the rodeo fan or just the average country and western fan. Six designs include Badges, Pistols - (32x135), Pistols-The Peacemakers - (30x142), Saddle 'em Up - (34x147), Cowboy Hats - (30x152), Cowboy Boots - (32x142), Horsin Around - (31x140), Wagon Wheels -(30x141), Country Music -(30x140), and an alphabet. ($5.50) $5.50

#339 - INDIAN HEADDRESS - Nothing is more symbolic of the proud Plains Indians than the feathered headdress. This leaflet offers a stunning design that captures the warrior's headdress in all of its majesty. Stitch count (127x125) $4.00



Designer Mike Vickery has taken various animals and created some truly unique designs, most of which have an inspiring southwestern theme.(Click on each title to view an image of the design.)

#353 - WHALE - stitch count 151x211 - $5.00

#354 - WOLF AND EAGLE - stitch count 204x176 - $5.50

#355 - BUFFALO AND BEAR - stitch count 151x204 - $5.50

#361 - HORSE AND FOX - stitch count 120x240 - $5.50

#363 - MOOSE AND MOUNTAIN LION - stitch count 95x203 - $6.00

#366 - COCKATOO AND MACAW - stitch count 214x107 - $6.00

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