The following are suggestions for threading the needle.

Threading the Needle
Step 1: Fold the fiber about two inches from the end.

Step 2: Pull thread around the needle firmly to make the fold tight.

Step 3: Pull the needle out of the fold, holding thread firmly between two fingers.

Step 4: Press the eye of the needle onto the thread.

Step 5: Never spit on thread before pushing it through the eye of the needle.

Another way to thread the needle with paper triangle assistance.

Using a Paper Triangle to Thread Needle

Step l: Fold a small triangle of paper at the end of the fiber.

Step 2: Place the paper, with the fiber in it, through the eye of the needle.

Step 3: Put the tip of paper with fiber in it through the needle's eye. Pull fiber through the eye and remove the paper.


Muriel Yarn Needle Threader

This is a Muriel yarn needle threader. Insert the appropriate size end of the threader into the eye of the needle, then insert the fiber into the hole of the needle threader. Pull the threader back through the eye, and remove the threader from the fiber. This may be attached to your scissors handle for safekeeping and handiness by tying a thread through the center hole of the threader and then tying it to your scissors handle.

Other types of threaders are also available.

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