A Guide to Needlepoint

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Beginner Level Basics, Book I

This booklet is a project of The Needlepoint Group, which is a group of independant needlepoint design companies that have joined together for the betterment of the needlepoint industry.

"A Guide to Needlepoint" is also available as a small pocket booklet and can be a companion for every beginning needlepointer. Take time to become familiar with each page. It is essential for you to do your best work to succeed at the fine art of Needlepoint. Needlepoint is an historic art for men and women of the world; and YOU begin your knowledge with this book today.

The artisans of the needlework industry will provide you with additional knowledge, tools and techniques which will make your creative hours with Needlepoint a pleasure.

To find what you need to know to stitch on each type of canvas listed, click on that particular canvas.

  • 10 Mesh Canvas
  • 12 Mesh Canvas
  • 13/14 Mesh Canvas
  • 18 Mesh Canvas
  • 24 Mesh Canvas
  • Plastic Canvas
  • Interlock Canvas
  • Penelope Canvas
  • Tips on Beginning
  • Needle Choice
  • Thread Lengths
  • Threading
  • Starting
  • Threading the Needle
  • Initial Securing of Fiber
  • Waste Knot
  • Securing "L"
  • Tips on Tying Off a Strand
  • Tips About Fibers
  • Canvas Tips
  • Basic Needlepoint Tools
  • Continental Stitch
  • Basketweave or Diagonal Tent Stitch
  • Frames and Stretcher Bars
  • Blocking Your Work

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