10 mesh canvas illustration
#18 needle for 10 count woven(mono) canvas

Mono canvas is most commonly used in the United States. This canvas is made with a single thread running both warp and weft. It comes in many meshes and colors. Available in 40 and 54 inch widths, it is sold either by the yard or portions according to particular needs. This canvas has a "grain of canvas" and is therefore suitable for either continental or basketweave stitch.

For tent or diagonal tent stitch (basketweave) on this mesh, use the following strands/ply:

Persian wool (3 strand): Use all 3 strands/ply in your needle

Medici French wool: Use 6 strands/ply

Cotton embroidery floss: Use 14 strands/ply

To cover the canvas with vertical decorative stitches additional strands/ply should be added. No canvas should show unless it is specified in the stitch plan.

Note: Number of strands/ply may vary according to the pulling tension of each individual stitcher. Above lists the average tension, which is recommended as industry standard.

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