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Carol Duval Episode 1 #1749

A Needle By Any Other Name...

Scissors, Getting to the Point of It All

As I Measure

So, What's a Scissor Fob?

“Scissors, Getting to the Point of It All”

So, you have one pair of scissors and you love to do hand or machine needlework, well you could be missing out! You are wondering why on earth do I need more than one pair of scissors, let me explain....

A good pair of fine-bladed embroidery scissors is a MUST, and I imagine that you all have one pair. Good for you! Now, we need to talk. Do you stitch hardanger, needlepoint Turkey Tufting, work with metallic threads, ever make a “boo-boo” with your stitching, start with waste knots, or cut pieces of fabric off from purchased yardage? If you answered yes to even one of these - or all of them - there is a different pair of scissors to execute each one of those tasks!!!

That’s right and that is only the beginning of scissor information.

There are scissors with lifted tips so you can remove mistakes (without cutting the fabric!), scissors that won’t become nicked from metallic threads (did you know that you need separate needles for your metallic threads, too?), plus a curved blade to cut tufting (so you don’t loose it all). This is just a taste of info on scissors.

If you are worried about having too many pairs, well just remember that I - the original “gadget Gal” have over 400 pair!! All of them have a scissor bracelet on them to protect the points, too!

So, don’t be caught with a poor pair of scissors, stop into your local needlework shop and investigate the possibilities.

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