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So, What's a Scissor Fob?

“So, What's a "Scissor Fob"?”

A scissor fob, you are thinking. What in the world is that? How can it relate to needlework gadgets? Do I need one? Do I already have one and don’t know it? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………..

A Scissor fob is one of the sweet little “doo-dahs” that once you have one you wonder how you got along without it (or them, as I have over 200!!). They are a sort of pincushion, that has a ribbon or cording attached to a corner or side. This slips onto one side of a scissor ear. (Have you ever heard that term before? It is one of the finger rings!).

This pincushion is just the most perfect place to place your needle when you are cutting your next length of thread. Then, you ALWAYS know where the needle is! Plus, they are so cute. They can be stitched in any medium you choose, quilted, counted thread, crocheted, knitted, needlepoint, embroidery…now you can see why I have so many of them!

They are usually about 2 to 3 inches square but I have long slim ones, round ones, cubed ones, it goes on and on. The most exciting thing about them is that they can be made to suit your fancy. Color selections of thread, fabrics and stitches are part of the fun in making them. Remember, to stuff them with a appropriate filler – sawdust, emery, or wool fill are some of the best.

Here is an easy counted cross-stitch pattern. You get to select your color of fabric, thread and ribbon. Click here for the instructions in a pdf file.

Enjoy! Susan

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