"Needles, Needles, Needles..."

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"Needles, Needles, Needles…"


We really need to talk about them!

When I returned from taping a 10 minute segment for the Carol Duvall Show, for the Home and Garden Network, I learned an interesting thing.

The first part of this show is talking about the important BASIC tools that a counted cross stitcher needs. After 6 ½ hours of practicing the first 5 minute session, I got to practice with Carol. The first question she asked me, "is there a special needle to use and why"?

This made me realize that I needed to share this information with all of my readers, in detail!

Yes, there is a special needle we use and it is the tapestry needle. This needle has a blunt tip and an elongated eye. (Makes it easier to thread, which is very good)! Most tapestry needles have an eye that is punched out with a machine and this causes a "bur" to be on one side.

Have you ever stitched and stitched with the same needle and then sometime during the evening your thread starts to ruffle up by the eye? Well, you have threaded your needle incorrectly and you need to unthread it and turn it over. (You are catching the "bur").

Also, I learned that most people use too small of a needle. The needle has a job to do. When it passes back and forth through the fabric it is supposed to slightly open the hole so that the thread doesn't drag and wear down. Most people stitch on 14 or 16 aida cloth or 28 to 32 linen. You should be using a 24 or 22 needle. YIKES, you say 22! It is going to feel like a pick axe, you are thinking! Well, I have the answer. John James has created a "petite" needles in all of our favorite sizes and I LOVE them!

Plus these petite needles help those of you who "sew" your stitches rather than "stab and poke" them to have less trouble with the threads becoming twisted…therefore less knots! (Oh, that is very good!).


So, save your eyes, be kind to your thread, and I promise you that your stitches will look better because your thread isn't going to be "squished" in the eye of the needle. Use one of these size needles for stitching on those or similar size fabrics. Susan'' first show has aired on the Carol Duvall Show, HGTV. It is episode #1749. If you go to their web site you can follow along to get the pattern free from this episode.

Watch Susan's website, to see when the second show will be on. It is #1846 OR call HGTV "viewer's services" 1-865-694-7879 and ask for Susan and that episode!

Susan designs and teaches counted thread work all over the world. Be sure and join her in one of her classes, or cruise, as soon as you can!




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