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A Needle By Any Other Name...

Scissors, Getting to the Point of It All

As I Measure

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“A Needle By Any Other Name”..................”Tapestry Tweens”...they are!!!!

Your Gadget Gal is back! With a surprise, new, gadget to tell you about!

Some new sizes of needles are just entering the world of embroidery (you know that ALL types of needlework fall into this category.)

They have stolen my heart (and needlework fingers!!!) with their wonderful attributes!
These needles are being distributed by Colonial Needle and their sizes are 19, 21, 23, 25...thus the name...”Tapestry Tweens”!! They fall right in between the numbers we are all familiar with. So, why do we need another size needle you are saying? BECAUSE they work so well on our many choices of fabric sizes and different types of threads.

A little refresher course, from last time, on the important job our needles have. The needle is to hold the thread without “crimping” it in the eye and the needle is to slide through the fabric so that the hole is slightly opened for the thread to glide through without dragging and wearing it down.

These needles are just the ticket.

The larger ones (remember the smaller the number the larger the needle), such as the 19 and 21 are a needlepointers dream. You counted thread enthusiasts will be delighted with the 23 and 25. That #23 is just perfect for 14 count aida and 28 thread linen. The #25 has become my favorite needle to backstitch with. The eyes are a bit longer on all of these needles. Wow, it’s easier to thread!!

This means less stress on the thread and they hold “round” fibers better. (Like silks and perle cotons).
I am sooooooo pleased to share this new info with you. Check with your local needlework shops.

Just a little bit of info: Susan will be teaching for the fourth annual Southern Stitchin’, at St. Augustine, Florida.

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"Still Stitching",

Susan Greening Davis


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