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Scissors, Getting to the Point of It All

As I Measure

So, What's a Scissor Fob?


As I Measure

A tape are thinking sewing, right? Every cross stitcher, or needleworker, really needs a measurer or two. There are many different kinds, that I find helpful.

First there is the actual tape measurer. I always carry one in my purse. It is in a little pouch that I stitched with this verse on it. It comes in handy when I am traveloing and see fabric. I always recheck the measurements on the package, when I can, as I have purchased some that is too small...NEVER BIGGER!

Then there is the dandy little 6 inch ruler. I have them that I hand out to all of my students. They laminate them and carry them in their travel stash, or keep one in their chair.

**If you would like one please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to:
Susan Greening Davis
P.O. Box 103
St. Louis, MI 48880
I will send you one and on the back side is the stitching on linen help!

Another very helpful ruler is the stitch count ruler. You can get this for aida, linen, and canvas. You place it on your ground (that is the official name of what you stitch on!) and count the threads or boxes in an inch. This way you will know what you have. I travel with this as well as the old eyes arne't as good as they used to be!

To get a free chart just go to Susan Greening Davis click on free chart on the left and then click on As I Measure. I hope that you enjoy the free chart, I designed, and look at my web site as many exciting things are happening!

"Still Stitching",

Susan Greening Davis

For more information on ALL of Susan’s international travels and teachings send a SASE to:
Susan Greening Davis
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