A half a year has past since I last added a newsletter to the website. I have been adding a few pictures of canvases stitched, but haven’t seemed to be able to sit down and write anything - - BUT WAIT - - I did write something - - NEW CHAPTERS !

    The newest chapters in the Cookbook for Stitchers saga and the Celebrity Chef Chapters are Chapter 16 – “Strange Bedfellows” this chapter is full of composite stitches that start out very simple with Hobb Nail Stitch and progress into more complex combinations of different types of stitches such as 4-Way Hearts Combo and Stained Glass. Chapter 16 completes the second binder of the Cookbook and comes with an index for chapters 9 – 16.

    The newest of the Celebrity Chef Chapters is Chapter 4 – “Cookin’ With Shadow Stitching” by dede Ogden. The incomparable dede has been stitching with a technique called Shadow Stitching for years and has perfected its use and shares her tips on threads and stitches in this chapter.

    Both chapters retail for $12.00 and if you need a new binder they come in 4 different colors – red, blue, green, and purple and sell for $8.00.

    The Halloween drinks are soooo cute in the “Happy Hour” series. The Murder “Us” Martini is finished into the cutest tote bag to use for candy or for the ever-essential pocketbook. The lining is lime green and the outside has antique black lace over a dead-lavender silk. I love this little tote so much I think that I will finish the Deadly Screw Driver the same way! A little birdy told me that Beth has designed a MINT JULEP for me to stitch this summer. Yippee!

    She has also been working on a series of dessert plates. I have already started working on the Lemon Tart and will soon start on the Chocolate Raspberry Cake. That should really rattle the cage on my low carb diet.

    Have you looked at YATSEK, the Polish Entertainer Nutcracker??? Take a look on the What’s New Page.

    We have a million new colors of threads in the shop – old favorites like Splendor, Petite Frosty Rays, Grandeur, Water n’ Ice, and Impressions (soon) and some NEW NEW NEW Gloriana Overdyed Silk Floss and Overdyed 4mm Silk Ribbon (soon.) Come in and take a look or give us a shout!

    Amy, Bob, Candy, Eileen, Frances, Polly, Betsy, Beth, Jackie, Joanna, and Baxter

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