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Palette Stitches

There are as many variations to these stitches as there are designers who use them to enhance their cross stitch designs! The number of strands used, the fibers chosen, the size of the stitch and how they are used (singly, in a row, or in a mass) will all have an effect. Always read a designer's notes for best results. The following instructions are intended to serve as a basic guide. READ the directions for each stitch before beginning.

To Begin: When you first start to stitch, you will not have a place to anchor your thread. Simply leave a 4-5 inch tail when you begin stitching. Hold this thread end firmly until you complete your first stitch. When the strand is finished, and you have anchored the end, re-thread your needle with the tail you left at the beginning and slip it under a few stitches to , anchor the beginning.

Tension: It is important to keep the stitches even and "soft" without allowing them to sag loosely. It is also important not to pull too tightly. In general, if you can see the holes in the fabric when you are finished, your tension is too tight.

Algerian Eye


Chain Stitch

Couched Diamond Trellis

Fly Stitch

Four-Sided Stitch

French Knot



Satin Stitch

Smyrna Cross

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